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Fresher is better.

Fresh produce, of course. But also fresh ideas. New ways of thinking about the age-old business of getting great-tasting sweet potatoes — and peppers and napa cabbage and more — from field to table. Not throwing out the past for the sake of shiny new objects, but taking a clear-eyed look at what works, what we can improve, and where there are opportunities for smart, strategic growth.


Sound good? Let’s talk about what we can deliver for you.

We speak your language: produce.


From sweet potatoes to bell pepper, butternut squash to blueberries, Farm Fresh Produce grows and delivers quality around the world.


Even more important, we know what translates across borders — and what doesn’t.


On one side of the Atlantic, for instance, sweet potatoes are all about brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. On the other, you’d be eating them with sage or rosemary. If you don’t know the difference, you don’t know your customer.


That’s why we’ve combined our farming legacy with an unmatched background in international shipping — creating a vertically integrated operation that can provide a steady supply of the varieties our customers are looking for.

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When Fresh Matters


One language we don’t speak is time zones. Have a last-minute order? Need to change packaging? Want to get produce to a remote location? With our dedicated distribution center in Holland, we can get your order to you as soon as you need it.

Every Box, Every Time


Each box of produce we grow and pack goes through a thorough quality inspection at our storage facility in North Carolina and again in Rotterdam. If something’s not right, we fix it then and there. So when your produce gets to you, you know it’s good. Every time.


The Difference

What makes Farm Fresh outstanding in the field?






We get it. Because we grow it.

In addition to working with a reliable team of experienced growers, we own and operate our own sweet potato farm. Not only does this mean we know first-hand the challenges our partners face — it also means we have greater control oversupply.

We give you fresh thinking. Every step of the way.

We’re a grower. We’re a packer. We’re a distributor. We’ve been across the country and around the world. We understand every link in the chain — and we make sure each and everyone is strong enough to keep you supplied with everything you need, week in and week out, whatever the weather, wherever you are.


You buy it, you name it.

You’ve spent time and money building your brand, so it only makes sense to show it off every chance you get. We’ll work with you to create completely customized packaging for your shipments, so it’s your private label that customers see when the produce arrives. 

We’re sustainable for the long haul.

The entire Farm Fresh operation is designed to work toward an optimized carbon footprint, which in practice means:

• Using natural pesticides and conserving water in the fields

• Installing a rainwater collection system at our warehouse

• Exploring ways to incorporate recycled materials and generate solar power in our buildings

• Developing smart packaging solutions that maximize truck-packing efficiency

• Deploying advanced logistics and near-siting to minimize road-based emissions


We mind the GAP.

We proudly follow the standards of GLOBALG.A.P., a key reference in the worldwide push towards best practices in the produce industry, now covering more than 100 countries.


We’ve got nothing to hide.

Around here, one day of really hard work is just like any other; we don’t need time to clean up or hide things under the rug when company comes. So if you want to see what we’re all about, drop by anytime.



You care about the what: fresh, saleable produce. But just as critical are the where and the when: where in the world is your shipment, and when is it going to arrive? We can give you real-time answers that’ll help you avoid real-world surprises. Just ask .our transportation team. Any time you want.



You want to look your best for your customers. With our ability to customize packages for your private label, every carton and crate we send out can carry your brand name and logo, helping you present a consistent image worldwide.


In 2010, we planted the seed of a new idea.


When Steven Ceccarelli started this company, his goal was to take a fresh approach to growing and packing produce. Today, Farm Fresh has grown into one of the most innovative and reliable produce distribution operations around.


Steven learned many lessons from watching his own father’s decades-long produce-handling career. He gained additional, invaluable experience as he forged his own path in the business (starting at age 18), importing and exporting sweet potatoes and other vegetables in all corners of the world.


This unique combination of farm produce roots and global distribution know-how has made Steven a recognized expert — someone others look to keep up with the latest thinking and emerging trends.


In 2010, Steven’s knowledge became the foundation for Farm Fresh, a family owned company headquartered in eastern North Carolina. In the years since, Steven has assembled a talented team that has helped the company become specialists in two things: harvesting genuine North Carolina & Mississippi sweet potatoes, and bringing effective new ideas to market.


One of those ideas is that the best way to serve the needs of our growing partners and buyers is by being selective, both in the produce we sell and the people we work with. Choosing growing partners based on quality and commitment — rather than size — has the added advantage of helping this family business support and sustain real family farms. 


As a result, we maintain great partnerships with experienced local growers. We have a commitment to offering the kind of quality, reliability and service that adds up to the best value in the business. We reinvest in our operations to ensure steady, strategic growth (including bringing a second package and storage facility online in 2017). And we have a hunger to keep finding better ways to deliver exactly what you need.

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